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What are Yahoo Groups?
For those of you in the UK, you may not have heard of this facility. (I certainly hadn't!) Basically, it's a mailing list - you send an e-mail to the Yahoo Group address, and it gets sent to everyone on the list. In the same way, all posts get sent to you as e-mails!
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What do they offer?
The lists are designed to offer support, information and encouragement. They are open to parents who have children with clubfoot, as well as those who have been affected themselves.

What is the difference between the available groups?
There are two active general groups, the largest having over 400 members. TalipesUK was set up by myself, and is generally more specific to the UK. There is a 'no surgery' group, which is mainly to discuss the Ponseti method, plus a group to discuss the French Physiotherapy Method. In addition, a group has been set up for those affected by foot pain, and has many adult members with talipes/clubfoot. The latest group is an Australian based one. Below is a link to each group, plus their description.

TalipesUK - This is a list to offer support, encouragement, and information to people in the UK who have children with talipes, or who have been affected themselves.

Clubfoot - A support group for parents of children with clubfoot/feet, people with clubfoot/feet or anyone needing support on this topic. We hope you will find support, friendship and encouragement here.

NoSurgery4Clubfoot - To discuss non-surgical methods of treating clubfoot, but specifically the Ponseti Method. We are here to get the word out and to support each other through the various stages of correction.

Clubfoot_French_Method - A discussion/support group for parents of children with clubfoot using the French Physiotherapy Method. We discuss treatment and encourage each other during our children's' development.

TheFeetClub - Do your feet hurt so bad that sometimes it rules your life? I was born with severe clubfeet and am suffering chronic pain. We'll share stories, prayer requests, doctor and medicine news, and just inspire and encourage each other. Any foot pain is welcome!

AustFoot - Group for Information and Support for Parents of children born with Talipes (Club Foot) living in Australia and New Zealand.

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