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Early Days

Whilst lying in the recovery room following my caesarean, I was told that my daughter had a small problem with her feet that could be sorted with a little physiotherapy. Within a few days the physio came to see us and examined Bethany. Her left foot was extremely mild but the right looked worse.

We were taught stretches to do, and then it was decided that her right foot would need strapping. This would stay on for 6 days, and then she would have 24 hours without, before the next visit for re-strapping.

My initial thought was one of disappointment, because we wouldn't be able to give her a bath every night. Selfish, eh?!

However, the real problem turned out to be the weekly visit to the physio. Because of the caesarean, I was not allowed to drive, lift, or push the pram for 6 weeks. This meant that my husband had to take time of work to get us both round there.

At first, things seemed to be going well, although I started to dread the day - Bethany was a very contented baby, but screamed the place down as soon as the poor physio touched her leg! And she was normally miserable all evening as well.

After about 2 months, her skin started to react to the strapping, and became red and dry. We persevered with various bits of padding, but eventually gave in to the fact that she could no longer tolerate it. Also, at around 3 months, the strapping begins to become much less effective, as the strong kicks stretch it.

Huh?!It was at this point I began to get quite emotional. I was fed up watching my daughter being pulled around, but knew we had a long way to go. I resented the fact that this had happened to us, but then I felt guilty as I knew many had to cope with much worse. Bethany has been reviewed by an orthopedic consultant, and it has been decided that she will need an operation in November, which I can't say I'm looking forward to. Her left foot, thankfully, has responded well to the stretching, and needs no further treatment.

The operation is to cut, and therefore lengthen, the tendons, and then she will be in plaster for 6-8 weeks in total. That means tinsel on her plaster over Christmas!!

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